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Professionals in Construction

With our corps of professionals we have set out to build the infrastructures which previously were predominantly the preserve of foreign entities. These infrastructures are a living testament of our passion, commitment, capacity and zeal; and have given Nigeria a pride of place in indigenous initiatives in infrastructural development.

Timely delivery

FNL is known for its ability to meet with time lines of every project handled. Timely delivery has really increased patronage from our large clientele built within a short time period. This relationship is fostered through quality,cost effective construction, prompt delivery on supplies and robust and efficient management services


We place great emphasis on ensuring robust team alignment on each project. We actively listen to our clients to discover their priorities and to fine tune our processes and services to exceed their expectations. Every project delivered is successful because of the effective collaboration between us and our clients..

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Health and Safety

We ensure the operational health and safety of each person working on our building sites as well as the environmental health and safety of those who eventually inhabit our buildings.


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Our - Latest News

In the short span of our existence, our impact has been huge, making us the Number 1 trusted company in service delivery in Nigeria.

Our Equipments

There is also a regular acquisition of technical information, computing facilities, construction plants and equipment from any part of the world to facilitate the highest level of efficiency in the services rendered to our customers.

Working Experience

Franknita Nigeria Limited has an extensive working experience in the construction industry in Nigeria. Our diversity in the construction industry allows us the flexibility of executing any project in many parts of the world.

Creative Expertise

We thrive on challenges that actively pave the way of progress. We operate on a ‘can do’ basis and have gained a reputation for creativity and innovation in devising solutions to problems that other contractors may dismiss as being too difficult. We always strive for progressive and competitive project solutions.

Policies and Procedures

With dedicated Corporate Relations, Procurement, Human Resources and Contracts Departments the management has put in place the necessary policies and procedures upon which Franknita can build going forward.

Clients - Our Partners

Our technical partners in the course of project execution ensures dedicated reperesentation and efficient coordination amongst stakeholders..

There are some of our partners and customers, who are very satisfied with our work.
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